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ERASMUS PLUS – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for school education Call 2015


MEDIA AND HISTORY. From cinema to the web. Studying, representing and teaching European History in the digital era






Digital integration in teaching and learning is a necessary step for European schools, especially when it comes to the teaching of History. Actually, despite the majority of European students being native digitals, audiovisual and multimedia sources still represent an unexploited potential for the teaching of History in a European perspective.
E-STORY objective is that of enriching teaching of History mainly at secondary school level through transmitting new didactical methodologies for teachers, teachers’ trainers, researchers and students of History and media that are based on the use of the web and ICTs.
The project will last 36 months and will see the participation of 8 partners representing 7 European countries:
Partners, that have previously worked together under sector research projects, have high-level skills. All of them deal with training of secondary school teachers and offer continuous professional development or higher education courses for teachers of History. They also have complementary skills (pedagogical, sociological, cultural, historical, media, ICT, etc.) that can contribute to complete modern teachers’ profiles.
Main activities will be:
Mapping of audiovisual and multimedia resources for the development of an Observatory that can monitor how the representation of history changes into TV and media
Development of a digital learning environment for teachers of History that will guide them through an e-workshop on the use of a CMS to create their own applications and lessons
Shared design of a training package on “media literacy” to promote knowledge and development of skills about how to use the web and audiovisual for an objective reading of history and acquire new history teaching tools in order to make it more innovative and attractive for students
Transnational training for teachers’ trainers so that they can get to know project tools Local training for secondary schools teachers to familiarize with project tools and test them in classes with students
Setting-up of an online support center to facilitate the use of project tools Creation of dedicated Apps and resources by teachers and students testing project tools at local level
Multiplier events to allow exchanges of experiences and follow-up of the dialogue on the teaching of History through the web
Main targets will be teachers’ trainers that are staff of partner organizations as vehicle to diffuse the use of project tools among secondary school teachers’ communities.
E-STORY will produce the following results
• continuous mapping and survey on historical channels, website and audiovisual resources to have data on the representation of history on the web and on the interests of European citizens
• diffusion of the “historical method”: starting from a variety of audiovisual and multimedia sources available, teachers will have to choose only few of them to build a lesson
• new teaching strategies and methodologies
• virtual mobility of teachers and students through project tools
• at least 42 historical open educational resources, one produced by each class involved In general, the project will contribute in the long run to the achievement of the following impact at European level:
– Enrichment in the quality and effectiveness of the school and education system in Europe
– Education system more attractive, innovative and challenging through the provision of new teaching methods for teachers, trainers and students
– Increase in the digital skills for professional training and education for students
– Improvement in the professionalism of teaching
– Increase in the interest of the younger generation towards the humanities, such as History, to better understand the present and to encourage their democratic participation in Europe
– Rebuild of the relationship between history and memory through an analysis of how TV and web narrate the past
– The setting-up of a network of teachers and their trainers interested in innovating the methods of teaching History that will foster multiculturalism, universalization of teaching values, integration between partner countries
– Influence History teaching also in other European countries thanks to availability of materials




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